What is the meaning / definition of HOD in the hospitality industry?

HOD refers to the Hotel Detail or Hotel Description in the GDS. It simply means the descriptive content of the property which the system is filled with.

The GDS is a significant source of reservations and income for hotels, many agents use it to search and book hotels and also many OTA websites use the GDS for inventory. Therefore it is crucial to have your HOD displayed in the best possible way.

The Hotel GDS Description (HOD) acts as the hotel’s electronic brochure. We can even say it is the hotel’s most important sales tool in the electronic distribution channels. It usually contains information like: property description, hotel amenities, local attractions etc.

Here some tips how to improve your HOD:

1. General hotel description
The short description contains 2 lines à 47 characters. Since you don’t have much space, summarize the USPs of your hotel and target your clients.
The long description contains 4 lines à characters – don’t copy-paste your short description but write additional information.

2. Amenities, Facilities and Services
Make sure they are all listed. Give enough restaurant information, security and safety is also important.

3. Location Information
Describe the hotel’s unique location. Focus on what you are really close to only.
Make sure your GEO coding (longitude and latitude) is correct. Index your hotel against any point of interest. Don’t forget the airports with their airport codes.

4. Property Address
Make sure this is correct. Sabre uses the official street address to geocode the property. If you don’t have a street number, use 1. to ensure better visibility and bookability.

5. Driving Directions and Transportation
How do most travelers arrive at your destination? Make sure guests can easily find the way to your hotel. List directions from the airport and the stops of the closest public transportation etc.

6. Area Attractions
Mention the most visited tourist attractions. Provide correct distance and directions.

7. Room Type Name
Be creative, differentiate your hotel. Use the systems’ 30 characters to the fullest!

8. Room Type Description
The amenities should be different for a leisure and a corporate hotel. Use USP’s.
Include the size of the room (sq m / sq ft). Include what it is free (coffee making facilities, water, breakfast). Free WIFI? Mention special features (luxury bathing products, special bedding like goose feather pillows and duvets) as well as balconies, large windows and great views.

9. Get Help
Read the descriptions of your competitors. Ask your travel agents for tips and examples of great GDS hotel descriptions.

10. Presentation Style
Use full sentences or bullet points. Travel agents prefer a bulleted format but the wording should be in a sales style. Use the adjectives (i.e.100 renovated, spacious guest rooms and suites).

Be honest, clear, complete and accurate. Don’t oversell but differentiate your property. Focus on your hotel’s USP’s, stand out and stay up to date.

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