No-Frills Hotel

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No-Frills Hotel

What is the meaning / definition of No-Frills Hotel?

"No Frills" means non-essentials are not present or provided. It refers to a hotel that provides the bare essentials to customers in order to maintain low prices.

A hotel in which a guest pays for a room with a bed, power, security and water, but all other services, including the use of towels, hair dryers, cleaning and more cost an additional fee. Because the rack rate only covers the bed, power and water the rate is low compared to neighbouring hotels.

Amenities that need to be paid for to be used are: Towels, in-room Wi-Fi, breakfast, room cleaning, parking, safe access and more amenities depending on the hotel and its brand. To understand if your hotel should take a no-frills approach to its offerings, you first must decide whether your normal clientele could and would like to approach the hotel paying based on extra fees for the use of amenities in exchanged for a lower rack rate.

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