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Throw your Hotel Loyalty Program out the Window

LoyaltyThat’s right, hotel loyalty programs are part of the past. Guest behavior changes, so should your loyalty scheme.

This should not come as news to you, it’s really been out on the streets for some time now. As returning guests are key to any hotel management structure, we'll have a look at current challenges and possible solutions.

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Hotel Distribution in 2014: The Battle for Direct Sales!

Hotel Distribution in 2014 | Xotels BlogIt is time to ask ourselves the annual question, what’s new? How do we have to adjust our hotel distribution strategies to safeguard and enhance profitability? How can we enhance and expand our online presence, reach and exposure? It seems hoteliers are getting savvier and are more than ever ready to go to war and take what is theirs … Direct Sales Rules!

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Are Peer 2 Peer Travel Websites Going Over The Top?

p2p travel - xotels blog

There have been many new online travel website initiatives launched over the last 2 years. Meta-search and social travel platforms are changing the hotel distribution landscape forever.

Especially websites like AirBnB have shaken up the travel market. However there are a few which might be taking the peer 2 peer travel concept a bit over the top ...

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Hotel Distribution Simplified

Hotel distribution made easyIn the light of the numerous hotel management and hotel opening articles we have posted, and also the free revenue management book we created, we have come to realize that it’s nothing but logical to also write a book about hotel distribution.

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