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remarkable hotel concepts Whether you want to open your own boutique hotel, a small bed and breakfast, or an innovative budget hotel concept, there is one thing they all must have in common to succeed. They must have a remarkable concept. What does this mean?

Remarkable simply means, worth making a remark about. And in the day and age of online guest reviews and social media it’s what the success of a hotel completely revolves around.

A stay at your property needs to be such an original and touching experience that your guests will share videos, pictures, comments and reviews on their FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc accounts.

There are so many new hotels opened each year, and most are just mediocre. Greylike ideas that will fade away with the masses. Your concept needs to be so special that you catch your guests of guard and inspire them. Give them some magic and turn your guests into online brand ambassadors. In essence you could call this guest sourcing marketing and promotion :-).

But behold, it needs to be special to your guests, many of which are experienced travelers which will not be easily impressed. So look beyond your own enthusiasm, be critical of your ideas and set the BAR high.

The most important part of the hospitality industry (yes the name gives it away already) is the hospitality factor, aka service. Service is paramount above style and anything else. You can have the most beautiful hotel with the most amazing features, but without good guest service you will fail guaranteed.

Many hoteliers make the mistake focusing too much on interior design etc and not enough on providing good service to their guests. People expect personalized, friendly and sociable service. Otherwise they would go to the big brand 1000 room hotel.

Next step in your concept, is problem solving. You need to solve a problem that exists in the current market place. Either provide a service other hotels are not providing. Or become more cost efficient than other existing concepts. To get the investment and financing together, it will help if you can demonstrate that your hotel is more than just a dream, but a viable business concept that plays into the shortcomings of the current status quo. So innovate!

We have put together a list of our most original clients when it comes to innovative hotel concepts that are truly remarkable:

Townhouse Hotel Maastricht
Authentic hospitality is the key to success at this friendly hotel. From a warm personal welcome with a cup of home-made soup at check-in, to being offered local cakes to take home at check-out, this hotel looses no opportunity to make their guests feel at home and appreciated.

TH 4 LinkedIn

(for the sharp eye, note the handcuffs hanging from the wall)

With their local launched with an original opening campaign named ‘Style, Sex & Soup’, they differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Moreover they offer 4 star service at a 3 star price. The 4th star is on the house …

Secret de Paris
As no other have they coined the concept of selling the destination. They share a local experience. Non-public knowledge that is truly part of the real secrets of city of lights is incorporated in the concept. 7 incomparable room categories, that take you inside 6 different monuments of Paris (Mussée d'Orsay, Moulin Rouge, Tour Eiffel, Opéra Garnier, Trocadero, Atelier d’Arstists).

hotel secret de paris moulin rouge

You can even change rooms several times during your stay. The room you will stay in for the first night will be revealed only upon your arrival. And each night after they propose a different room concept.

Qbic Hotels
Not trying to think outside of the box, but moving into existing boxes. They are in essence recycling empty office blocks. The Qbic team really understands the art of problem solving. Moving into underutilized real estate with a modular plug and play concept reduced sharply the construction time and cost.

qbic 4 linkedin

This low cost design hotel concept is based on the philosophy that the best service is self service. Qbic offers an affordable, quality and stylish place to sleep with a local feel to the budget conscious traveler.

After their pilot property in Amsterdam, they are now preparing to open in London in the fall of 2013.

The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel provides fully furnished and fully serviced rooms and suites for students, urban travelers, academics, friends and family.
International and local students enjoy all-inclusive and hassle-free accommodation with lots of extra benefits. With library, lounges and study rooms, gym, café and restaurant, your own bike, WiFi and cable TV. What more could you possibly want?

the student hotel 1

Even better, you decide how long you want to stay - one night or two weeks, up to two semesters, - it’s all up to you.  The Student Hotel is a comfortable, safe and fun place for you to sleep, eat, drink and make friends for life.  The Student is all about community, convenience and comfort.

the student hotel

So ask yourself this question is your idea innovative, original and remarkable. I mean really worth making a remark about, because it is inspiriring and the passion of the hotel concept is just floating in the air creating an electrifying ambience that rubs of on the guest?

Share your ideas below!


Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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