Multi-generational travel is when three or more generations of a family travel together. It is an interesting segment in hotel management since the different needs and wants of these travellers allow for the creation of specialized offerings and thereby generate more revenue. This applies to all hospitality concepts including hotels, B&Bs, resorts, cruise lines, and even hostels. It all comes down to offering the right services and products to cater to this segment.

For example, think of the following services and amenities to help facilitate to multi-generational travel groups:

  • Packages
    • Taking care of the guests and making sure they have the time to unwind is important, especially for families. Creating packages that cover their needs is therefore an important step towards catering to this segment.
  • Amenities & Services
    • From having a children’s game room to something simple as having coloring cards available at the reception, anything can add value to the overall experience.
  • Activities
    • Having special activities designed to accommodate groups and families is a smart way to create new experiences for guests. Whether it is children’s activities to alleviate the parents from taking care of their kids, or activities where the whole group can participate and have a fun time as a family.
  • In-room
    • Don´t forget about what can be done inside of the rooms themselves to cater to this segment. For example,  providing different streaming services for all ages or having in-room games to play on the TV could be a great option to provide additional entertainment.
  • Other services
    • A few great options to provide as additional services in your hotel could be family cooking classes, scavenger hunts, and entertainment nights filled with fun activities for the whole family (quiz night, karaoke, etc.)

An expert tip from our Hotel Management Consultants and Revenue Managers: build services and products based on target audiences that can hold value to your hotel. By marketing these features to potential customers you’ll be able to generate additional revenue. 

Make sure to include it on your hotel website product pages as well as your blog, social media, email campaigns, and other relevant media that can bring additional exposure.


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