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Hotel Franchise Model is Dead! Hoteliers complain at WTM

Many hoteliers that are part of a hotel franchise complain about their representation company. The fees and costs are astronomically high, there are many rules to adhere to, and not enough freedom for own marketing initiatives. More and more hotels resort to outsourcing to experts in hotel distribution and marketing to fill their rooms and other alternatives, achieving astonishing results. Hence the franchise model as we know it is dead.

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Top 10 Best Practices for GDS HOD (hotel description)

The GDS still is, and will probably always remain, a significant source of reservations and income for hotels. Both leisure and corporate travel agents use it to search and book hotels. Many OTA websites also use the GDS for inventory. Hence it is extremely important that you GDS Hotel Description (HOD) is as good as it can be.

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Why do hotels have Standard Rooms?

I am surprised by the number of hotels that are still trying to market themselves selling standard rooms. What is so special about that ‘Standard Room’ that it will persuade potential guests to buy? How is one standard room different from a standard room in another hotel?

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