MinLOS - Minimum Length of Stay

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MinLOS - Minimum Length of Stay

What is the meaning / definition of MinLOS - Minimum Length of Stay in Hotels in the hospitality industry?

At hotels, the number of nights a guest can stay is not necessarily always up to the paying customer, even if they have lots of money to spend on both rooms and in-house serves, such as food, beverages and recreational activities! Often, a hotel will seek to control the number of nights an individual, couple, family or group book in for, for various reasons.

Sometimes, it is in a hotel's best interests to minimise short stays, to help them achieve their goal of maximising profits in any trading year. In such an instance, a controlling tool called Minimum Length of Stay MinLOS is used, with implementation being particularly advised where a period of high demand for rooms follows a low one.

Although most hotels benefit revenue-wise from walk-in guests seeking a very short stay and/or last-minute bookers who perhaps only need a room for a single night, these short-stayers need to sometimes be avoided so that reservations can be best regulated. MinLOS gives hoteliers the option to do this, with the added bonus that occupancy ratios on the days following or preceeding high demand can be markedly improved. These days are also referred to as shoulder days.

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Synonyms: MinLOS, Minimum Length of Stay

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