What is the meaning / definition of All Inclusive Hotel in the hospitality industry?

All inclusive hotels incorporate more than solely the price of a room into the price per night, but also three meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), services and activities. Although every hotel is different and may or may not include other services like alcohol, airport transfers, rooms service and specific activities and services, it is a safer way for travellers to budget their expected expenses when travelling. Typically, all inclusive hotels are not located in city centres like boutique hotels, B&Bs and other similar lodging types, as they require large amounts of space to accommodate for the services and activities they are known for.

Therefore this type of hotel is seen as a budget-friendly option because guests pay a large price for things that could add up if they were to book their trip a la carte.

Before booking an all inclusive hotel, guests should read the items covered. Travellers who book an all inclusive hotel do sometimes end up paying for things they expected to be covered.

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