What is the meaning / definition of All Inclusive Resort?

An all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort, which, as the name already states, has everything included in the price.

A Holiday resort that includes at a minimum lodging, three meals daily, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and possibly other services in the price. Many also offer sports and non-motorized watersports and other activities, included in the price as well. Then other services are also possibly included depending on the resort. The difference to a ‘simple’ all-inclusive hotel lies in the range of services, amenities, entertainment and recreational activities offered. Typically, all inclusive resorts are not located in city centres like boutique hotels, B&Bs and other similar lodging types, as they require large amounts of space to accommodate for the services and activities they are known for.

All-inclusive resorts can be designed for particular holiday interests such as adult-only, couples-only or others.

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