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What is the meaning / definition of Camping in the hospitality industry?

Camping is a term originally used to describe the activity of staying overnight in a tent. Generally camping takes place in the outdoors in remote locations away from general civilisation. Since its humble beginning in the 19th century camping has evolved to also incorporate other forms of overnight stays, besides nights spent in a tent

Today camping can describe the activity of staying in a tent, bungalow, camper vans, glamping tents and camping pods etc. on a campsite.

It can thereby vary greatly in preparation. Some survival campers set out with the least possible equipment to challenge themselves to survive in "the wild". While other campers come prepared with gas, electricity, heating, warm showers television and internet.

Camping can be done throughout the year and almost all over the world. Especially when committed towards outdoor tourism, camping is a preferred type of lodging.

Camping is now often being fused with hotel resorts. This allows budgets travellers to use facilities of resorts while paying a lower amount for accommodation. This allows customers who are more price sensible, the access to facilities normally accompanied with a large price tag.

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