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What is the meaning / definition of Extranet in the hospitality industry?

An Extranet is a website that allows controlled access to partners, vendors and suppliers or an authorised set of customers. In other words it is a channel which can be administered externally via a login into the system.

We can also say it’s a platform which allows to view and manage the data (enter rates, submit images, write a hotel description, add special offers, update availabilities…).

Examples for Extranet in the hotel industry can be:

  • hotel staff logs in into the Extranet of the hotel sales website to enter their rates, availability, images etc. (so called ´back end´). The client can then see all the information from the ´front end´ of the hotel website.  
  • an OTAs shares the access to their platform with the hotel, which enables the hotel to update rates and availability by logging into the system.
  • a hotel shares the access to his CRS/PMS with an external Revenue Management provider, so that its team can analyse the figures and enter the correct/ updated rates.

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