The Meaning of Hotel Industry

What do we mean by the Hotel Industry? The hotel industry offers a wide variety of different services, all focussed around providing accommodation or lodging to guests.

One important distinction to make is that permanent / long-term forms of accommodation are typically not associated with the hotel industry.

Let’s see what does fall under the definition when we talk about the hotel industry at XOTELS.


So, What is the Hotel or Hospitality Industry?

Answering the question: “What is the hotel industry?” can´t go without defining the difference between the hotel and hospitality industry. Both definitions hold a strong connection in the way they provide services and hospitality to guests.

To make it easy, we have made the distinction in the below between which kind of business can be defined under each meaning:


  • Hospitality Industry:
    • Food & Beverage (restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs etc.)
    • Hotel / Lodging Industry (as mentioned above)
    • Travel & Tourism (planes, ferries, cruise ships, trains,cabs, buses) 
    • Recreation / Entertainment (attractions parks, movie theaters, zoos, museums, sport events).

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