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What is the meaning / definition of Pegasus, in the hospitality industry?

Pegasus (or Pegasus Solutions) is the largest processor for electronic hotel transactions and offers distribution services to about 100.000 hotels worldwide.

It offers an advanced distribution service called ‘seamless connectivity’. Its function is the connection between the hotels CRS and the GDS through a product called ‘Seamless Interface’ (also known as Next Generation Seamless). This allows travel agents to search for the right hotel room on a real-time basis.

In addition to the GDS access and online connectivity, Pegasus offers social marketing and booking solutions through its Open Hospitality division and powerful reservation tools to convert and capture reservations. Through its Pegasus View Market Performance they also offer reports to help hotels get a better understanding of the market and respond to the changing market conditions.

Pegasus is operating worldwide from 18 offices in 10 countries.

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