How to Make Career in the Hotel IndustryAs a result of our hotel industry blog, many people reach out to me asking for advice on how to start or advance ones career. I notice that many hoteliers and hospitality management students are not sure where to start.

In all honesty, you can start anywhere. Start at the bottom, and work hard. Work your way up by impressing upon your peers and superiors. Find an area of the industry that speaks to you, and roll up your sleeves …

Don’t worry too much looking far ahead. Concentrate on the here and now. Deliver more than you think other people would. And not just to make career, but because you enjoy it.

Moreover you need to make sure you learn. As you might well know, knowledge is power. And for this don’t only look at your boss and on the job training for input.

If you want to stand out from the pack, and impress you will need more knowledge than the average colleague. I remember well in the early days of my career that fellow graduates would find I was wasting my time reading all those boring hospitality magazines.

It helped me however gain a better understanding of the overall industry, trends, challenges, and hot topics. Again knowledge is power …

So for the (aspiring) hotel managers out there in need of input, here a list of industry resources where I get my food for thought:

This will keep you busy reading for a while …

How to Make Career in the Hotel Industry

Another great source of inspiration in terms of vision and strategy I have been getting from Seth Godin, a genius marketeer. You should subscribe to his blog (go to Seth’s blog).

Also to gain a better understanding for what kind of employees modern hotel management companies need in terms of drive and mentality you should these 2 books by Seth:

In short my advice is simple, do what you love, work hard and read a lot.

Make yourself indispensable!

I hope this will help give people a simple perspective on how to start building and advance your career in the international hotel industry.

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