2016 Hotel Revenue Performance - Xotels Results2016 has brought Xotels’ to new levels, it was a year of growth in many ways. We have expanded our portfolio with some amazing new hotels, and have been able to increase financial results of our hotel portfolio in a significant way.

In earlier blog posts, I have already mentioned we compare our daily job with playing PacMan. Always striving to breaking our score and reaching new levels. This last year has been another one of record revenue increases for some of our key hotel assets. We are very fortunate that we are able to play the game we love so much for a living …

But 2016 has not only been a year of growth, but we have also expanded our hotel management portfolio to 49 properties.

Below the highlights of Xotels’ record sales results in 2016:

  • Annual Revenue: €150.533.186

  • Rooms Sold: 1.765.756

To visualize the path of expansion we have taken over the years we have put together some graphs:

2016 Financial Hotel Performance - Xotels Sales Results

2016 Hotel Roomnight Sales Results @ Xotels

Xotels Hotel Portfolio 2016

Xotels Hotel Room Inventory 2016

Records we achieved in terms of RevPar grow with our unique yield methodology includes:

  • Dhow in Zanzibar – 50% revenue increase
  • Kasteel Kerckebosh Utrecht – 32% revenue increase
  • Nest Style Granada – 22% revenue increase
  • Nest Style Santiago – 21% revenue increase
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel – 20% revenue increase
  • Kursaal Calafel – 17% revenue increase
  • Pikes Ibiza – 16% revenue increase
  • Green Nest Donosti – 16 % revenue increase
  • Ribera de Triana Sevilla – 14% revenue increase
  • Hotel de Londres San Sebastian – 13% revenue increase
  • Grums Barcelona – 11% revenue increase

We are very proud of these results we have achieved together with our hotel clients and incredible team of strategists. 2016 has truly been an amazing year in every sense.

We are also extremely grateful to the amazing hotels have recently chosen to join Xotels, and take advantage of our expertise and skills. Below an overview of some of the new additions to our hotel portfolio:

  • Casa Bonay – 4 star boutique hotel in Barcelona
  • Can Boix – 4 star rural deluxe hotel in Peramola, Spain
  • Walram – 4 star leisure hotel in Valkenburg, the Netherlands
  • Stadshotel – 4 star historical hotel in Woerden, the Netherlands
  • ‘t Putje – 4 star classic hotel in Brugge, Belgium

Besides hotels and (youth) hostels we have also expanded into a different segment of the hospitality and lodging industry. We have venture into camping sites, and are now providing Lady’s Mile with our strategic revenue management services.

Unfortunately, we have been challenged in cities like Paris and Brussels, where the market is still under pressure in the aftermath of last year’s terror attacks. Here we are in guerrilla warfare mode to grow market share, and limit the impact on our hotels as much as we can. It’s a tough fight, but I can see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The hotel and tourism industry outlook is looking quite promising for 2017. Market forecasts by global consultancy agencies are predicting continued growth, which will allow us to drive up further top line and bottom line results. Analyzing our long term pick-up trends, we are also quite optimistic that we can continue to increase revenue and profit for our international hotel assets.

Starting the year of with the addition of the 5 star San Domenico Palace in Taormina, Sicily, part of Leading Hotels of the World, gives us an exciting challenge. So we have already surpassed the 50 properties, a milestone worth mentioning in our growth into a global hotel group. And very soon we will be announcing the incorporation of some unique and innovative hotel concepts.

2016 was a great year! And 2017 will be no less exciting …