Looking back at 2017, it was an incredible year for independent hotels. We have measured record performance levels at Xotels. Financial results based on strategic revenue management have never been higher.

So, let us run you through 2017 at Xotels …

  • Total Revenue €190.295.324

  • Rooms Sold 1.836.117

  • 68 Hotels

We have grown our international hotel client portfolio by 39% and turnover by 26%. An amazing year …

See below our track record over the last few years:

Hotel Performance Europe 2017 @ Xotels

Hotel Performance Europe 2017 @ Xotels

Hotel Performance Europe 2017 @ Xotels

We have also expanded into new markets like the Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Curacao. Highlights in the new additions are:

  • San Domenico Palace – Taormina, Sicily  (a 5 star, Leading Hotel of the World)
  • SafeStay Hostels – a youth hostel group
  • Almalusa – Lisbon Portugal
  • Hotel Himalaia – Baqueira Beret, Spain (ski resort)
  • BnB Manager – vacation rental apartments

As you can see we are expanding both into 5 star luxury as well as more budget products like youth hostels and airbnb type vacation rental apartments. Revenue management adds value for any lodging concept.

Lets look at some of the Hotel RevPAR and TRevPAR growth results we have achieved, of which we are extremely proud of course:

     Destination    Revenue Growth 
1  Bruges, Belgium  62%
2  Mechelen, Belgium  49%
3  London, United Kingdom  36%
4  Porto, Portugal  32%
5  Edinburgh, United Kingdom  23%
6  Paris, France  21%
7  Seville, Spain  20%
8  Zanzibar, Tanzania  17%
9  Ibiza, Balearic Islands  18%
10  Maastricht, Netherlands  16%
11  Brussels, Belgium  16%
12  Granada, Spain  16%
13  Prague, Czech Republic  15%
14  Amsterdam, Netherlands  15%
15  Santiago de Compostela, Spain 14%
16  Barcelona, Spain 13%
17  Sicily, Italy 13%
18  Barcelona Spain 13%
19  Mallorca, Spain 12%
20  Seychelles 12%

Whether it is in primary markets, like London and Amsterdam or secondary destinations in Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, with the strong demand, Occupancy and ADR can be driven up with strategic revenue management.

We see this working in both 5 star, Leading Hotels of the World, like the San Domenico Palace in Taormina Sicily, with a 13% increase in turnover, but also for youth hostels like SafeStay, or Ladys Mile holiday park in the UK with 36% revenue increase.

Unfortunately Barcelona did not end up as expected. The market was trending up 25% year over year, however the political instability in Cataluña has pulled down annual growth to 13% only, due to heavy revenue declines in Q4. But thankfully Brussels and Paris have started the route of recovery after suffering from terrorist attacks in 2016 and 2015.

Yes, we are pretty excited about what we have achieved in 2017 with our international portfolio of independent hotels.

And 2018 is not looking to change our growth trend. We are looking at onboarding a good amount of new properties, supporting investors even more in generating an ROI on their hospitality assets.

Besides providing strategic revenue management services to hotels,  we are also a boutique hotel management company, running operations and finance.

We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring us in terms of global expansion. The latest project we are working on is the opening of a new 5 star boutique hotel in Paris. We will update you soon on our adventures at Xotels …