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5 Star GL

What is the meaning / definition of 5 Star Grand Luxe in the hospitality industry?

GL stands for: Grand Luxe

The classification is commonly used in Spain to differentiate extremely prominent five star hotels, located in buildings of historical or cultural significance from others in the 5 star classification rank.

A 5 Star Hotel with the additional GL acronym offers its customers an experience not to be found in a "Green-Field Hotel". While ordinary hotels, might be constructed newly just for the purpose of being a hotel, a 5 Star GL Hotel must have more historical, aesthetic importance for the city or must be located in a unique spot.

Furthermore often services and products provided at such hotels will go above and beyond the standards expected from a 5 star hotel and its classification criteria. Such hotels are known to for offering extraordinary levels of luxury and exclusivity. The level of service, facilities and hotel design should always be appropriate to the hotels star rating.

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Synonyms: 5 * GL, five star GL

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