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1 Star Hotel

What is the meaning / definition of a 1 Star Hotel in the hospitality industry?

A 1 Star Hotel is a hotel that offers only the essentials while still meeting reasonable hygiene and security standards. Ranking: Tourist (*)

A one star hotel offers the bare essentials such as a bed and clean sheets, a fully functioning bathroom (occasionally shared), self service meals / vending machines. Other facilities of the hotel are generally accessible at the guest's expense. It therefore is suitable for budget travellers, looking for basic accommodation and service. In the UK the following criteria must be fulfilled to carry the title of a 1 Star Hotel:

Firstly the hotel must have a clearly designated reception area. Additionally, it must have a minimum of five bedrooms available for rent. All of its rooms must come with en suite bathrooms. The hotel must be accessible to the guest 24 hours a day. And the owner or staff is at minimum available via call for residents throughout day & night. A restaurant or dining area must serve breakfast throughout the week and dinner at least five days a week. Hotels which do not offer dinner must be located in the vicinity of restaurants which do. Furthermore the hotel should have a liquor license and an area where beverages can be served.

Hotels receive star ratings to help people identify standard and level of services, without having to see the hotel for themselves. They thereby enable trust between people and facilitate trade. Hotel categorisation is based on a scale from 1-5, one being the lowest and five the highest standard. The level of service, facilities and hotel design should always be appropriate to the hotels star rating.

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Synonyms: one star hotel, 1*

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