Virtual Hotel Operators / Chains (or VHO in short) offer independent hotels the opportunity to benefit from international exposure and management expertise brought in by the VHO´s umbrella branding without sacrificing their own identity and service quality. On the contrary, choosing the right VHO will result in higher performance across the board whilst maintaining the hotel´s strong brand image and characteristics that are so important to the overall hotel experience.

VHO´s can be both beneficial to new and existing properties as support is cross-departmental and stretches across all hotel lifecycles.

For example, the below two examples clearly show the benefits that can be obtained for any property type (hotels, resorts, hostels, B&Bs, motels etc.) :

  • Existing hotel:
    • Increased visibility and exposure through the power of umbrella marketing and improved strategic positioning;
    • Value add to customers by elevated product and service quality;
    • Expert knowledge brought in by the VHO across all departments such as Revenue Management, Marketing;
    • Financial optimization and subsequent increased asset value of the hotel.
  • New hotel:
    • Establishing a cohesive hotel business plan, marketing strategy, and pricing structure;
    • Acquiring a strong position in the market from the get-go, instead of the typically slow trajectory to gain traction;
    • Pre-opening marketing exposure through umbrella marketing;
    • Reduced risk of entering the market, backed by the hotel opening track record of the VHO.

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