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Sell Through

What is the meaning / definition of Sell Through in the hospitality industry?

A hotel's reservation system can include many tools. One of these is called a Sell Through.

A Sell Through will allow a hotel anywhere in the world to implement a control that will enable a request for an extended stay reservation to be booked through sold-outs nights. So, if a family from Croatia staying at a Turkish hotel are enjoying themselves so much that they wish to stay for longer than they originally intended or initially booked for, a Sell Through tool can be utilised to make this possible.
Sell Throughs can be a very useful and valuable option for hotels seeking to capture extended stay business and room occupancy on shoulder dates. What's more, Sell Throughs can be automatically activated whenever a hotel applies a close-out date.

The Sell Through feature consists of two numbers:
1) The number of rooms you have to sell through the close-out date, and
2) The minimum number of nights you will accept.

For example: If you set your Sell Through at 20/10, it means that the hotel will sell 20 rooms through the close-out date for guests staying a minimum of 10 nights (this would usually apply, of course, where there is a group booking).

Let's look at another example now...

A hotel in Irunea/Pamplona (in Spain's Navarra Region) knows that it will be very busy during the Fiestas of San Fermin in July. It wants to maximise revenue, not only through achieving full occupancy, but through full occupancy at the highest possible rates for rooms. In this circumstances, the Sell Through option can be used where highest rate-paying guests wish to stay longer than intended. This means that the hotel enjoys increased bookings, and the guests' request is met in full. 

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