Managing a hotel is not an easy nor a straightforward job, and hotel owners can often benefit from external hotel consulting services. The main goal of hotel consultants is to assess the current situation and develop a customized solution based on the client’s needs to improve the business performance.

So what are these services, and what can hotel consultants exactly do to help hotels? The services that hotel consultants provide can help hotels in a wide variety of ways and situations, namely:

Hotel phases:

  • (Pre-) Opening
  • Distressed situation
  • Hotel generally looking to improve their overall performance
  • Hotels looking to expand their portfolio, or merge with other hotels

Which Services Exist: The Hotel Consultant Job Description

Fields of expertise

Hospitality businesses of any kind can be helped by hotel consultants, including boutique hotels, B&Bs, resorts, hostels, vacation rentals or aparthotels, and campings.

The benefit of bringing in the right hotel consultants is that a custom solution can be developed specifically catering to the needs of your business. As every hotel differs from one another, this is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration for hotel consultants to create and execute a successful strategy. With proper diagnostics and experience, a hotel consultant can get the right feel of the situation and establish a comprehensive turnaround plan in the best interest of the client’s front of mind.

As a hotel management company, we’ve seen that opportunities are abundant for hoteliers to take advantage of hotel consulting services to take their hotel to the next level.