What is the meaning / definition of Spa Hotels in the hospitality industry?

A Spa Hotel is a hotel with the primary purpose of providing individual services and treatments for Spa seeking clients, with a focus on health.

Historically many Spas were developed at the location of natural hot springs or sources of mineral waters. Over a stay period in a Spa Hotel (or Spa Resort), such facilities provide a comprehensive program that includes spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy cuisine and special interest programming.

A Spa Hotel typically offers luxurious spa facilities, signature spa treatments (massages, facials and body treatments) specific to that Spa/ Hotel only and a higher level of amenities and customer service (luxurious brand of Spa products and cosmetics, personal guidance through the Spa, tea service, etc.). Spa Hotels usually offer facilities like steam, sauna, fitness facilities, and a swimming pool. Some Spa Hotels might offer exercise classes or a possibility to hire a personal trainer a yoga teacher or a nutritionist. Often it is not only the Spa itself which is luxurious and designed with a specific Wellness-Style, but it is also the rooms which are decorated accordingly. It is all about rest and relaxation. Fine dining restaurants is also an important factor of a Spa/ Wellness Hotel. The food offered has to match a healthy lifestyle.

Prices at Spa Hotels are usually higher than a ‘non-Spa’ Hotel or at the average day spa. A Spa Hotel might be a perfect hotel for a romantic getaway or a weekend break. Some Spa Hotels offer spa services to locals who want to book a treatment. They might however not have full access to all the facilities a hotel guest would (pool, gym…), or have to buy a day pass.

While a Spa Hotel is generally located in an urban setting and lacks outdoor amenities, a spa-focused lodging can also be Spa Resorts. Those offer outdoor recreation like golf, tennis, swimming pools, kids clubs, gyms and exercise classes. Good for a family holiday.

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